Solution Of Scanning Aadhaar Card

Please Follow The Following Steps :

1). Please Scan Your Original Aadhaar Card Only and Not the Xerox (Photostat) Copy of Your AADHAAR Card. As Your Xerox (Photostat) Copy QR-CODE Will Not Be Scanned By Our WCarPs App.

2). Maintain Minimum Distance of 5 cm Or More while Scanning your AADHAAR Card Or Adjust Accordingly.

3). In Most Of the Cases It is Observed that Randomly the User Deny The Permission of 'Camera to Scan Aadhar Card in Such Cases Please Follow These Steps :

Go to Settings -> Then Installed Apps -> Open WCarPs App -> Go to Permission Manager -> Now Allow Your Camera To Scan Qr Code.

4). In Case You Have Xerox (Photostat) Copy of Your AADHAAR Card Do not Worry. In Such Case,

Go To This Link-> Click Here Aadhar Card

Download Your Original Aadhaar Card And Scan QR-Code.