About Us

Wrong Car Parking Solution (WCarPs) is a Platform Which Supports for the Right Vehicle Parking and Help Secure Your Vehicles.

To Make Our Dream Turn Into A Reality our Team Has developed An Iphone and Android App with multiple Functions, In Alignment With Our Idea.

True Story Of WCarPs Idea

One day I (NIKHIL SHARMA) was just sitting in my House when I heard the car horn buzzing again and again. On Hearing this I looked out of my balcony and found that a car was wrongly parked on the street and there was hardly any way for the second vehicle to cross.

The Gentleman seeing me asked whether it was my car. I replied it is not my car again he requested me to tell if I knew the owner of the car, again I did not know the owner. The owner of the car had come as a guest in the locality and had gone out with his friend in the market in friend’s car.

The person driving the car was really upset and started abusing the car owner and the owner came back in about one hour as a result the other person could not move out for his personal work. There were hot exchanges and sorry and the matter was resolved.

From here the idea immediately stuck in mind that, in present technical world we can have the solution to it. This gave the birth to this new idea of mine and later. We could get the solution.